5 Ideas of Floating Shelves above the Kitchen Counter

With the trend of opening kitchens to living rooms, we make spaces seem much larger.

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Extra storage space in the kitchen

Let us think that the furniture is usually placed on a wall, both high and low. In the case of kitchen islands or bars, we take advantage of the lower furniture, but the same does not happen with the upper space. Well, it is about creating extra storage space based on shelves that will be attached to the ceiling. Shelves that can be used for many things, but above all, will leave us a free space in some of the closed kitchen cabinets when placing plates, glasses or spices, among others.

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Variety of styles and materials

What we like most about this idea is that there is a wide variety of options when it comes to style. It is true that we are talking about a solution that can fit better in urban or industrial style kitchens, but adapting the material, looking for the right colors and materials, we would have no problem including these hanging shelves in a Nordic style kitchen, for example.

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Glasses, bottles of wine and spices in sight

As for the use we want to give it, the truth is that these shelves can be very functional. Now, remember that if you place plates or glasses in them, you will surely have to wash them before using them, especially if you have cats at home, which we already know like to walk everywhere leaving their hairs that then rise with any breeze. However, having certain things on hand, such as coffee, spices or wine glasses, can be very useful and decorative.

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A place for your plants

In the case of having several shelves, we can reserve the last one to place plants to decorate the kitchen. Few resources are as beautiful as a green blanket over your furniture. In addition, being hanging, you can also include vine-type plants.

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