Homemade air freshener with coarse salt, cloves and fabric softner

The smell of cleaning does not only contribute to the feeling of a sanitized house, it removes bad odors and helps in the well-being and coziness with the home. For you to be able to prolong this pleasant odor, the best option is to produce your own air freshener.

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You need to have on hand:

  • A glass container;
  • A tablespoon of coarse salt;
  • One tablespoon of alcohol;
  • A cap of fabric softener of your choice;
  • A teaspoon of cloves;
  • Diffuser rods.

How to make the recipe:

  1. Fill half of the container with coarse salt;
  2. Add the alcohol and fabric softener, mixing well;
  3. Add the cloves.
  4. Finally, place the sticks to release the smell!

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