Fantastic ideas to transform old pallets into furniture for the home

Recycling wooden pallets has become a fairly common practice throughout the world, all thanks to the fact that it is a material that is very easy to work with and with which practically everything can be done.

With recycled wooden pallets you will create high quality designer furniture to decorate your home, and we have collected a few ideas for you to exploit your creativity in the best way.

Take a look and get to work!

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Rustic kitchen made with pallets
Help yourself with a few wooden pallets to create the most practical and economical kitchen furniture you’ve ever had.

Bed for your children’s room

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Change the look of your children’s room with the help of recycled pallets. You can use them both to create the headboard and to make the base.

Mini bar for the garden

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Essential for those days when you organize a party.

Garden rack

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Keep your garden tools organized with a wooden pallet. You just need to paint it and fix it in the place where you want it.

Fences for your pets

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Keep your pets safely sheltered by building a fence from recycled wood. A fairly simple and inexpensive method.

Coffee table with glass and wheels

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This idea is quite simple to recreate, you only need a pallet, paint, glass and 4 wheels.

Children’s armchair

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A rather curious and simple idea for the smallest of the home.

Hanging chair

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Surprise your whole family with this original hanging chair.

Pet bed

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Pets can also benefit from recycling with pallets, with a simple bed for their rest.


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If you have the possibility to store many pallets and you like to grow plants, build your own greenhouse with this material. You will be surprised at what can be done.

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