Eucalyptus “bathroom bouquets” are the easiest way to make your shower smell amazing. They can even potentially help relieve your allergies and pain

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We already know that shower plants are a brilliant idea: They can help kill bacteria, absorb extra moisture, and improve the air quality in your bathroom, all while adding a nice touch of green to the space. And now, there’s another fun way to spruce up the floor by improving the bathroom atmosphere.

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To make your shower even more relaxing, take a cue from these bloggers and hang a bunch of eucalyptus in the shower head. These “bathroom bouquets” are more than just a piece of decoration: the steam and heat from the shower help unleash the aromatherapy powers of the plants, making them good for the mind and body.

“When you turn on the shower, the steam activates the plant’s essential oils, which improve a host of respiratory problems”, Jordan Reid wrote on his ‘Ramshackle Glam’ blog. She called it “The Attractive Decongestant” and claimed that it helped relieve her allergies.

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The calming and refreshing scent is also helpful for winding down after a long and stressful day. Although there is limited research on the subject, some experts believe that aromatherapy may be helpful in trying to relieve pain, improve mood and encourage relaxation, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. And nothing more, the plants will at least make your bathroom smell like a luxury Spa!

You can also create bathroom bouquets to hang in the shower, using stems of lavender, rosemary, mint, and lemongrass, according to Apartment Therapy . Simply wrap the plants with natural twine and attach to the shower head, it’s that easy.

Source: Countryliving

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