Each finger is connected to two organs: learn how to massage them and alleviate health problems

According to this method, the fingers have important points that manage to balance all the energy of the organism.

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The procedure is quite simple, you just have to take the tip of the finger (of the right hand) that corresponds to your health problem, press hard for 3-5 minutes, breathe slowly and deeply, and then massage each finger of your hands.

During the exercise, take the opportunity to relax your muscles and focus on the health problems you are trying to solve.

Discover to which Organs and Symptoms each of the fingers is connected

1- Thumb

1 20

Organs: stomach and spleen.
Emotions: anxiety, depression and worry.
Physical symptoms: stomach pain, skin problems, headaches and nervousness.

2- Index

2 19

Organs: kidneys and bladder.
Emotions: frustration, fear and mental exhaustion.
Physical symptoms: pain in the joints, pain in the muscles and in the back, pain in the molars and in the gums, indigestion and vices (from tobacco or alcohol, among other examples).

3- Medium

3 13

Organs: liver and bile.
Emotions: indecision, resentment, anger and irritability.
Physical symptoms: circulatory problems, menstrual cramps, vision problems, fatigue and migraines.

4- Override

4 10

Organs: lungs and colon.
Emotions: negativity, sadness, fear of rejection and pain.
Physical symptoms: indigestion, ringing in the ears, breathing problems (like asthma), and deep skin changes.

5- Pinkie

5 10

Organs: heart and small intestine.
Emotions: uncertainty, anxiety and feeling of inferiority.
Physical symptoms: problems such as blood pressure, heart problems, sore throat, flatulence, bone or nervous system problems.

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