6 Necessary Care so that your Rosemary Plant Does Not Die

Today I got up early and went out to explore the garden like every morning, suddenly I see some beautiful bluish lilac flowers in the distance. My rosemary has already started to bloom! I open my arms and squeeze its leaves feeling that characteristic smell of grass and I think about the joy that these simple things give.


I remember years ago I was struggling with a rosemary cutting so that it would not dry out and be the divine bush I see today. Everything is trial and error in gardening, perhaps if I had been a little informed I would have avoided a few lost cuttings.

Luckily, today we have the information at our fingertips, and this time I am going to share everything that I learned at the time to achieve this abundance of bush.

  1. Suitable place
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Rosemary originates in countries with a warm climate, so one of the priorities is to choose a place with plenty of sun. He loves the sun like all of us, he needs between 6 or 8 full hours. In case of very harsh winters, I recommend covering it with an anti-frost fabric as a mini greenhouse. Four pieces of wood, a little roof and that’s it !

  1. Good drainage
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Rosemary grows best in Mediterranean climates, so it likes dry, permeable, rocky soils that do not get waterlogged. In case you don’t have it, I recommend you build a mound and prepare a suitable soil for it to grow without limitations and prevent its roots from rotting. You will notice because you will see that the plant begins to dry from the bottom up.

  1. Compost

As it says above it likes soils that are poor in nutrients, so much fertilizer will not be necessary.

  1. Irrigation

Irrigation should be low or almost zero. One way to check if it needs watering is to insert your finger into the soil and check if it is dry. If you have it in a pot, water it deeply 1 or 2 times a week.

  1. Pest control
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It is usually a fairly strong plant that is resistant to pests and diseases , although fungus may be one of the diseases that can affect it due to excess moisture. You can recognize it because you see a whitish powder that covers it. In this case, we must always have neem oil, which is fabulous for combating and preventing pests.

  1. Pruning
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Every year we will cut the weakest branches, only a minimum pruning is enough. At first I let it grow freely and a big bush was formed, you should take this into account if you have little space in your garden.

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