Children who are obsessed with dinosaurs are usually smarter than others

Some children enjoy playing with dinosaurs, which is something they love. In any part of the world there are children who usually have this type of toys. Surely you know a family member or friend who was obsessed with dinosaurs when they were little, even yourself.

It is impressive how these children pronounce a large number of dinosaur names without making mistakes. And not only that, but they are able to explain where and how these creatures lived and what they ate. Any detail no matter how difficult it is to remember, they will explain it to you with all kinds of details.

It is very beneficial for them to develop intense interests in their childhood

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Scientists refer to children’s extensive knowledge of dinosaurs as “intense interests.” With this that we have mentioned, they refer to the great interest they develop in a specific topic in such a way that they come to enjoy and learn with amazing ease. It is believed according to some studies that 1 in 3 children develop an intense interest in a particular subject throughout their childhood, between the ages of 2 and 6.

It can even happen that these interests that they have developed during their childhood come to have them during a great stage of their life. There is a study conducted at the universities of Indiana and Wisconsin, by Joyce M. Alexander, Kathy E. Johnsonb, Mary E. Leibhamc and Ken Kelleya, which revealed that these intense interests are very positive for cognitive development.

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The fact is that all this not only makes children learn about a specific topic and have great knowledge, but also develops a higher level of attention, makes them more persevering and expands their abilities when it comes to process data and information.

Observing the way in which children play with dinosaurs, ask themselves questions and look for possible solutions, it can be seen that they are preparing to face their future studies, where they will have to look for answers to the questions that are going to be asked, therefore it is beneficial for them this type of interests so deep and intense.

That is why it is very interesting that parents encourage children to have these types of interests at home, being with them and providing the necessary tools so that they can delve into the subject that they are passionate about.

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When it’s time to go to school, it is possible that these intense interests disappear because they have to focus superficially on the different subjects, that is why they sometimes forget to delve into the topics that they were so passionate about before. But parents have to help them so that they do not lose the passion for those games and interests that they enjoyed so much, because it will make them more successful throughout their lives.

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