8 beautiful ideas to make a driveway for your house

The façade of a house is its cover letter. One of the details that can make a big difference in the treatment of the design of the façade, is the entrance way. A pedestrian path leads from the street to the front door, crossing the front garden.

These are usually made of brick, gravel or pavers, and that is the idea that we have come to present to you in this article: Beautiful driveways (or for the garden) that you can recreate in your own space.

Keep watching, you’ll love them!

1- Beautiful curved brick path

0 71

2- Pavers with different colors for your patio

1 71

3- A very romantic way

2 57

4- Bricks in combination with gravel achieve a fantastic look that you can bring to your garden

3 31

5- A beautiful stamped concrete driveway with gravel on the sides for something magical

4 31

6- A path leading to the stairs. Magnificent!

5 24

7- You can make beautiful shapes on them

6 21

8- A quite unusual proposal

7 18

Tell us… What has been your favorite path?

Source: Millionideas

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