5 Techniques to Correct a Disrespectful Child

Children by nature are rebellious, they like to challenge the limits, go a little further, but they do not do it out of malice, they do it because in this way they learn to shape their personality.

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Respect is a fundamental value that every child must acquire, that is why it is best to teach them how to do things with love, patience and dedication so that they are educated and responsible people.

1- Admit the mistake

Disrespect is a mistake, but it is a necessary mistake for children. It’s something they have to go through to recognize and understand what’s wrong.

It is important that at the first disrespect he commits, you talk about what happened and help him understand his mistake. Discussing what happened together will help you understand and work on it to improve.

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2- Accept and forgive

The next step in dealing with disrespect is to accept it. Then admit that you were wrong and that it was wrong for you to take charge.

Responsibility is a fundamental tool for their growth and learning. Once the child accepts responsibility for the act, we must teach him to apologize for it.

3- Understand

The understanding of the facts also has to do with accepting responsibility, but it also has to do with the limits and understanding to understand the possible affections towards other people.

Consistency is part of this and has to do with what we demonstrate to them as parents.

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4- Try

Boundaries are part of teaching respect, as the line between right and wrong can be very fine. This may be because our message is not transmitted clearly or because the child does not understand it at first.

So we must allow children to test, to challenge our limits, to allow them to cross that fine line to learn, to understand, to accept, to take charge.

5- Accompany

Children are constantly learning and absorbing information. Sometimes it happens that we give them more information than they can process at that moment, and that is why we must accompany them.

They can make mistakes, make mistakes and be disrespectful to us or to other people, but we must accompany them, teach them and guide them on the path of respect and coexistence in society so that they are better people.

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