5 Little Ways to Burn Calories While You Work

If you work full time you may feel like you don’t have time for gym.

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So much so, that it’s quite a challenge to fit social plans and a solid fitness routine into your schedule.

Fortunately Tim Liu, fitness trainer, shares some ways to burn calories while working out.

  1. Pause to do push-ups at the desk

Liu suggests taking a break between meetings throughout the day to do some desk squats and push-ups in your workspace. Keep track, because you’ll be amazed at how your reps can add up throughout the week.

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  1. Take a walk while you call on the phone

When it’s time for phone calls, put on your sneakers, grab your headphones and go for a walk outside. Plus, the fresh air will make you feel energized and ready to tackle the next task.

  1. Fill in any 10 minute gap

Liu recommends squeezing in 10-minute workouts, especially on your busy days.

The secret is to perform high-intensity interval training in a fast time. Not only will you burn plenty of calories, but you’ll also be able to reduce your chance of heart disease, improve your blood pressure, and reduce fat.

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Doing some intense exercise for just 1 minute during your 10-minute workout could yield the same benefits as training at a moderate intensity for the full 50 minutes.

  1. Perform lunges to get to another room or your car

Whenever you have to walk to another room, or even to the car, for your commute, perform lunges to get there.

  1. Use a stability ball for your desk chair.

According to Liu, there are fairly easy moves with a stability ball chair. These can include squats and plank extensions.

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Liu advises that it’s important to take small breaks and stand up regularly throughout the day because you’re not burning calories when you’re sitting. If your goal is to lose fat and be active you must move.

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