10 decorations for your kitchen that you have to see. Make her look perfect with these tips!

The kitchen is not a room that is often decorated and it is usually more about functionality than style. Still, it’s good to stay on top of the latest trends and if you decide to change an accent or two in your kitchen or even remodel it, you’ll have something to choose from.

So here are the top 10 kitchen decor trends that you will be able to appreciate.

With mixed materials

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Rather than a sleek, modern look with a choice of one or two materials, we expect to see more mixed materials that make the kitchen more visually interesting and more like other rooms in a home.

Warm gray

2 53

Gray is becoming the new white as we see a lot of kitchen designs featuring warm and neutral gray tones with the cabinets, walls, and even the flooring.

Black stainless steel

3 48

From the shiny stainless steel that has been popular for years past, we moved on to the black finish, and even matte black appliances and cabinetry.

Contrasting colors

4 55

Contrasting colors have been popular for years and they still find their place this year. That’s especially true with the aforementioned warm grays and matte black.

Colored sinks

5 41

Deck front kitchen sinks have gained popularity and are here to stay, except now we can see them in accent colors.

Brass and gold elements

6 38

To complement the black stainless steel appliances and matte black cabinetry, gold or brass fixtures and finishes are here to stay.

Take hidden currents

7 35

Hiding all the wires from your appliances has been a popular DIY project and continues to be a trend in kitchen design. We hope that more kitchens implement drawers with integrated power outlets like these.

Material Imitation Countertops

8 26

Faux granite or marble countertops are becoming more and more convincing and it’s a great way to save on the real deal.

Angle taps

9 23

We look forward to seeing more and more of these matte black or metallic modern architectural design faucets.

A flexible design for your kitchen

10 15

Neutral tones have a very convenient feature: they give you the flexibility to choose accents on a whim. Keeping walls and cabinets neutral, but choosing accents in finishes, fixtures, or even the sink is the popular way to design a kitchen.

Source: Perfectaidea.com

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