Wise women do not live complaining, they generate changes

Spirituality unites and religions divide. Complaining is wasting time. There is much to learn. From the age of 40 the best begins, if you are able to realize the number of potential qualities that are within you.

Then you are filled with the desire to become a witch. A witch is a person with personal power. Wise witches speak the truth with compassion, and do not go along with what they do not like, but they do not have the rage of younger women. Some exceptional men can become witches, those who have compassion, wisdom, humor and are not subject to power.

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Wise witches are able to look back without rancor or pain; they are daring, they trust their hunches, they meditate in their own way, they firmly defend what matters most to them, they decide their path with their hearts, they listen to their bodies, they improvise, they don’t implore, they laugh. They have a good hand with plants. And also with the animals. They first learn to love what they do, then they encourage others to grow. They know how to recognize what is fragile and what has value, and also what must be pruned.

The older, the more path learned. Compassionate observation of the lives of others teaches you a lot, and wise women spend a lot of time observing. There are few cases of wise women after 30 or 35, but those at 60 are incredible. Women have the opportunity to change the world in the next few decades, but if they don’t do it now, they probably won’t anymore. I encourage women to form circles that have a spiritual component. Simply by listening to other women’s problems, hopes, and fears, and telling your own, you gain strength.

When one is sitting in a circle and in silence, one realizes that there is a spiritual connection with transforming power. Spirituality, quantum physics and Buddhism say the same thing: everything and we are all connected and, therefore, what each one does influences the world”.

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If women were involved in peace processes, everything would be easier, but if those who negotiate are alpha males! We are full of powerful resources that we do not pay attention to, such as intuitive knowledge. Powers that can be developed in the circles. Then we leave you the rules of wise women, taken from the book: “Witches do not complain” by Jean Shinoda.

13 Rules of Wise Women

  1. Wise women do not live complaining, they generate changes.
  2. Wise women are daring.
  3. Wise women have a good hand with plants.
  4. Wise women trust their intuition and respect that of others.
  5. Wise women meditate daily and are in communion with their interiority.
  6. Wise women stand up for what matters most to them.
  7. Wise women discern their path also with the heart.
  8. Wise women tell the truth with compassion.
  9. Wise women listen to their body.
  10. Wise women improvise and play.
  11. Wise women do not implore dependently.
  12. Wise women laugh together.
  13. Wise women savor the positive in life and share it with simplicity.

“Be authentic, be consistent with your inner person and find out what you want to do with your precious life”

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Source: Paradigma Terreste

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