Why succulents stretch and how to keep them from losing shape

These plants are the favorites to take care of this season and, although they require different care, they are not very complicated.

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But have you ever wondered why succulents stretch and what you can do to prevent this from happening ? Today we tell you what to do so that they keep their beautiful shape and have a wonderful garden.

Why do succulents stretch?

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First of all, if one of your succulents has already stretched, it is most likely because it is growing very fast and, although it seems like a good sign, the truth is that it is not. When a succulent grows in this way, it is asking for your help by undergoing an etiolation process.

According to a study published by the University of Agronomy of Chile, it is a phenomenon that occurs in plants when they grow in spaces that lack sunlight.

All plants, even being indoors, need sunlight to carry out photosynthesis and thus produce enough chlorophyll to maintain their color, among other functions that keep them healthy.

When succulents lack light they are forced to grow rapidly in search of a light source.

When a succulent undergoes etiolation it presents the following:

  • Leaves look paler
  • The stem is elongated and weak
  • There is a large space between the leaves of the plant
  • Its stem leans more to one side

If your succulent shows these signs, follow these instructions:

  1. First of all, do not take it directly to the sun, since it is weak and could burn.
  2. First, remove any leaves that have too much space ( they look unhealthy, thin, or wilted ).
  3. Once you have the stem free, cut the top of the succulent with a sharp, disinfected knife. Do it in one motion for a clean cut.
  4. Let the cut heal for 5 days in a cool space without direct sunlight to be able to transplant.
  5. Then, place the leaves you removed in a tray with substrate for succulents and spray with a spray bottle. Wait for roots to sprout and water every third day, avoiding flooding the soil.
  6. Over time, transplant your succulent to a new substrate, place a thick layer of gravel, two layers of soil and cover the stem with soil so that the roots begin to emerge.
  7. Finally, place it in a place where it receives more light and watch its growth to see if it likes the place

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