British journalist John Haltiwanger wrote a controversial article stating that school grades do not reflect a person’s intellectual capacity, and that students with average – low average achieve more success in life than those with perfect grades.


According to the journalist, reality shows that good grades do not always give you the ticket to a happy future, and those who were bad at school do not always end up without a job after graduation.

Steve Jobs, for example, never graduated from a university. Neither did Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Sergei Korolev, who launched the first artificial satellite into space, was pretty bad at school. Vladimir Mayakovsky studied so badly that he couldn’t finish reading Anna Karenina. And Joseph Brodsky was one of the worst students in his school from him, which did not prevent him from receiving a Nobel Prize for Literature.

Intelligence is an abstract concept, and academic performance is not necessarily the best way to measure it. A graduate’s success is defined by what she has accomplished outside of college, and school is not always a true preparation for what lies ahead in independent living.


Success requires passion, persistence, excitement, the ability to survive, and especially understanding the value of failure. Therefore, many people who no one expected any achievement due to their poor school performance, now rule the world. They understand what it means to fight because, unlike excellent students, they learn from their childhood to manage and overcome their failures. The same traits a successful businessman has, he is not afraid to take risks, to go against the rules and regulations, that’s whyYou can create something new and extraordinary.

The underperforming student is usually a leader in his or her circle who is willing to lead others by circumventing the school system. Among these types of individuals is the highest percentage of creative people who think non-trivially. Psychologists are sure that these children are simply not interested in the set of school disciplines. At school they teach us that ” it can only be like this and in no other way “, they take away the desire to think outside the ” box ” about how to solve problems in a different way. The rich are rich because they think outside the box. No one tells them that this is impossible, and that it will be like this and in no other way. They listen, yet they always do things their way and, as a result, they win.

However, this does not mean that having poor grades in school guarantees success in life, and it does not mean that perfect grades are not a guarantee that you will go far. Ratings are just numbers on paper. At the end of the day, our lives are defined by character, experience, and connections, not by school grades.

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So, if you graduated from school or college not so perfectly, don’t despair. Life has a series of ups and downs. We study many useful things in school, but the real knowledge comes after we leave the classroom.

Never stop learning, never give up and most importantly, do not forget to enjoy the learning process.

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