Why is it so important for children to clean up their room?

One of the most frequent fights in all homes is the one that arises when the parents ask the children to clean up their room.

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The problem is probably because we approach it as an imposition. When this happens, it is common to create a power struggle between parents and children.

However, if we manage to convey it as an act of self-care, instead of an obligation, perhaps your response will change.

– Your environment is a reflection of your internal state

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An act as simple as keeping your room tidy and tidy helps to develop important values ​​and attitudes in children. First of all, it promotes a clearer mind and a harmonious inner state.

Living in a disorganized and neglected space will promote feelings of stress and lack of clarity in the child. It can also cause concentration problems and study difficulties. It will also affect when it comes to falling asleep, since to achieve a good rest it is necessary to go to bed in a clean and tidy environment.

– Promotes responsibility

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Clearly, keeping the room tidy encourages responsibility. This is the value that we must try to instill : responsibility, but not obedience. A home is a space shared by several people in which they all have their role when it comes to taking care of it.

The little one must understand that he must clean his room, not out of obedience, but out of love and cooperation, just as the rest of the family members do. His contribution is as valuable as that of the rest, so it should be seen by the child as something desirable, something to be proud of : being part of a loving family in which everyone takes care of each other and the space they share.

– Promotes self-esteem and self- care

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Finally, let’s try to instill in the child the habit of cleaning his room as an act of love for himself. This is your own place in the house where you can go to relax and be alone. It is his sanctuary and he deserves to enjoy a pleasant environment that makes him feel positive emotions being in it.

If the child truly feels his room as his own, it will be easier for him to develop the will to take care of it. Therefore, let him choose the decoration and the place where he wants to keep each book, toy and object. Likewise, let us respect his independence from him. If we want the little one to be responsible for this space, we must allow him to feel it as his own.

Let’s knock on the door before entering and avoid rearranging and rearranging things as we see fit. Let us respect his space so that he also respects it, since by taking responsibility for his room he will learn to take responsibility for himself.

If we take care of ourselves and take care of ourselves every day, we will stay healthy and happy. But if we let ourselves and are not careful, we can end up getting sick or feeling bad.

– Encourage children to clean up their room

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Encourage your child to keep his room organized and clean. Do it by promoting values ​​such as family cooperation, self – love and self – responsibility. Tell him that doing so will help him sleep better, find himself and feel proud of himself.

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