Why Do Children Be Worse When They Are With Mom? You’ll be surprised!

Although many mothers believed that their children behaved worse with them because they spent more time with them than with their father; others think it is because they are more “consenting”. However, a new study suggests that children behave worse with mothers thanks to a pheromone.

Dr. Leibowitz believes that the cause of this bad behavior is due to the smell that masks the natural pheromones that mothers emanate to offer their children “relief.”

Research from the University of Washington confirmed this after studying 500 families measuring the following variables: complaints, crying, screaming, attempted hitting, acting silly, forgetting how to walk or speak.

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The research showed that despite using the same educational methods, 100% of the children were more sensitive to instructions given in a normal tone of voice if they came from someone other than the mother. Instead, to achieve the same behavioral results, mothers had to raise their voices.

What they found was that 8-month-old babies could be playing happily, but when they saw their mother walk into a room, almost 100% were more likely to start crying, pee or poop, and need their immediate attention. Even a child with vision difficulties began to throw things and ask for a snack despite having eaten, hearing his mother’s voice, specialists confirmed.

Now that you know the real reason why children behave worse around moms, you no longer have to worry that you are not a good mother.
Source: parentsehijos.com.mx

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