What to do when the car key is left inside?

Surely, at some point it has happened to us that due to the daily grind and the responsibilities that press us, we have left the car keys inside it.

Which can result in a real headache, even worse if we have an important appointment, to arrive at work on time, a medical shift, etc.

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In other words, our lives can be really complicated by this unforeseen event. As we know, calling an expert on the subject has its cost, so it will be necessary to use very effective homemade tricks.

Obviously, let’s keep in mind that each car has different locking mechanisms. However, these tricks will be of great help.

Next, let’s see what we can do to solve it without having to break any windows:

What to do when the car key is left inside?

These are simple measures that we can take with tools that we have at our disposal:

  1. Trick: With a screwdriver

Just by using a flat-blade screwdriver and a steel rod, we will leverage the door frame by making movements so that it opens and insert the rod through that opening.

When we see that you can put your hand in that space that was made, then it will be easier to get to press the button.

  1. Tip: For cars with internal lock

That is, when the internal locking mechanisms are vertically spring loaded or the latch goes up and down. To solve this we will need a cord or a knitting needle for example, for the length so that it can unlock.

In case we use a cord, we make a slipknot in the cord, because the idea is that it tightens against the pivot of the insurance. The idea is that when you go up you unlock it and that’s it.

  1. Trick: With an inflatable air bag

This trick is similar to the one with the screwdriver with the steel rod, only in this case an inflatable air bag is used in order to make a wedge to open the door.

When we achieve a hole, it will allow us to insert something to move the insurance button.

  1. Trick: With a pick

The idea is to insert a pick through the rubber bands that surround the window, with the thinnest part on the inside of the door until you find the spring that unlocks the latch. Only it must be done carefully so as not to ruin the window with its mechanism for opening and closing.

  1. Go to a locksmith

After trying all these possible ways, the most convenient thing is to go to a locksmith or ask someone close to give us the spare key that we surely must have.

Remember, breaking the glass is not the best option, on the contrary, things will get more complicated. In fact, we can hurt ourselves.

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