We tell you how to clean clay pots before using them

Cooking in a cazuela or clay pot is one of the most emblematic traditions of Mexican cuisine . However, before they can be used for the first time , they must go through a process called ” curing “.

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Before using your clay pot for the first time it is important that it is cured, this helps to close the pores of the pot so that it resists heat and other changes in temperature, otherwise it could crash or break when you are cooking.

By seasoning your clay pots or pans, you will also help food not taste like clay.

How to cure casseroles and clay pots

With banana

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Peel a banana and rub all the pulp over the entire surface of the pan , if the pulp is not enough , use the peel as well . If your casserole or clay pot has a lid, you should do the same with it.
Let the pot or pan covered with the banana pulp dry in direct sunlight.
Once it dries under the sun’s rays , you should heat the casserole as much as possible , it can be on a stove , or you can place it in the oven at maximum temperature for 30 minutes.
Let the pot or casserole cool , once it is at room temperature , clean any remaining banana and wash it well . Once it has dried at room temperature, it is ready to be used for cooking for the first time .

With garlic

The first thing you should do is leave the pan submerged in cold water for 12 to 15 hours.
Once the time has elapsed, remove the pan from the water and rub the garlic over the entire surface, this will help close the pores of the clay that have been left open during its manufacture.
Let it dry and fill it with water, put it on the fire and let it boil until a little water is consumed.
Remove from heat and let cool , once it is at room temperature, wash it well to be able to use it for the first time.

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It is important that if it has been a long time since you last used your crockpot or crock pot that you season the pot or casserole again.

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