Use it on your plants and they will grow faster (Revitalizing homemade fertilizer)

If we notice that our plants begin to weaken, change color and look different, it’s time to act.

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Here’s how to make homemade compost to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.


  • Coffee (we will use the coffee grounds )
  • White rice
  • 1 and 1/2 liters of water
  • Plastic bottles


1 – We put 1 lt of water in a container, add 3 handfuls of white rice and let it rest for 2 hours. We will see that the water will gradually change color, since the rice will release the starch.

2 – Now in a bottle, we place the remaining 1/2 lt of water next to the coffee. Let stand for 2 hours.

3 – Later, strain the rice and save the liquid. We mix with the coffee that we already had ready in the bottle.

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– Contribution of rice water to your plants

We could say that rice water is a magical liquid that will bring them back to life. The amount of nutrients and vitamins that it provides will give it the necessary energy to grow and develop.

– Contribution of coffee to your plants

The coffee, like the rice water, will help your plants to become stronger from the roots, giving them the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

Coffee remains enrich the soil with nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium. It stimulates the development of small harmless organisms for your plants, which will enrich the soil, benefiting the roots.

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