Unique and Convenient Way to Grow Green Onions at Home – No Garden Needed

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Are you a fan of fresh, homegrown green onions but lack the garden space to cultivate them? Fear not! We’ve got a unique and convenient solution for you—a three-tiered stand designed for growing green onions indoors. This innovative method not only maximizes space but also repurposes common materials to create a sustainable and efficient growing environment.

Materials Needed:

  1. PVC pipes (3 halves, each approximately one meter long)
  2. Wooden boards for the sides and standing base
  3. Cocopeat and vermicompost for the compost mix
  4. Red onions (old ones work best)
  5. Tools: Saw, drill, screws

Building the Three-Tiered Stand:

Begin by cutting each PVC pipe in half horizontally, creating six equal lengths. These will serve as the growing shelves. Construct the stand by attaching three of these halves to the wooden sides, forming a sturdy and balanced structure. The standing base should provide stability, ensuring your green onion haven stands tall.

Preparing the Compost Mix:

Fill each half PVC pipe with a nutrient-rich compost mix. Combine cocopeat and vermicompost in equal parts to create a well-balanced medium that promotes healthy onion growth. This mixture provides essential nutrients while retaining moisture, creating an ideal environment for your green onions to thrive.

Prepping the Onions:

Before planting, prepare your onions by peeling off the outer layers and trimming the top part. Old, red onions work exceptionally well for this method. Cutting the top allows for better water absorption and encourages robust regrowth.

Planting on the Shelves:

On each PVC pipe shelf, create two rows for planting. Space out the onions evenly, with about 12 onions per row. This arrangement ensures that each onion receives ample sunlight and ventilation, fostering optimal growth conditions.

Caring for Your Green Onions:

Place your three-tiered stand in a location with sufficient sunlight. Ensure that your green onions receive at least 4-6 hours of sunlight per day. Water the compost mix regularly, keeping it consistently moist but not waterlogged.


As your green onions grow, you can start harvesting by snipping the green tops as needed. This method allows for a continuous harvest, ensuring a fresh supply for your culinary endeavors.

Watch the video:

By following this unique and convenient method, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of homegrown green onions without the need for a traditional garden. Embrace the joy of cultivating your own fresh produce with this space-saving and eco-friendly solution!

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