Trick to avoid humidity in the closet

Without a doubt, avoiding humidity and its taking over some furniture in the house is not an easy thing. How many times has it happened to us that we have chosen clothes to wear and we get the bad surprise of a strong musty smell?

Unfortunately, the rain and the heat bring us humidity that penetrates the clothes and the entire closet. The problem is that the unpleasant smell of humidity spreads and the first thing it takes is the clothes stored in the closet.

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Surely, in the aisle of cleaning articles we find products to eliminate unpleasant odors.

However, the most recommended are homemade, economical and effective solutions:

Trick to avoid humidity in the closet

It is about using homemade tricks to prevent moisture from invading us and settling in the closet, let’s see how to do it:


  • Headband
  • 12 chalks
  • 1 hook for hanging

Step by Step:

  • Simply, we hold the 12 chalks with the tape and hang it on the hook.
  • It is best to place it in a corner of the closet and it will absorb all the moisture.
  • It really is a simple, economical and effective method.

In addition, it will not take up as much space in the closet as an electric dehumidifier would.

Let’s try this easy and simple hack to combat musty smell!


If the bad smell persists even with the chalk, we can use another trick that can help a lot. We can prepare the cloth bags with raw rice or bags of ground coffee , especially the latter will spread an intense and wonderful aroma.

Remember, the rice in the bags should be changed periodically. In relation to coffee bags, it can be ground or in bags.

Another recommendation is to ventilate the closet , doing it frequently is a good habit to keep the musty smell away. In fact, leaving the doors and windows open will allow air to circulate and ventilate the entire environment. If there is sun entering the room, it is much better.

Another homemade trick is to put a jar with baking soda. That is, in a container with a perforated lid we add a little bicarbonate, which will act to absorb moisture and neutralize bad odors.

Perhaps, after a few days, we will observe that there is liquid in the container instead of bicarbonate as we left it. It is suggested to discard the liquid and add more baking soda again.

As a last recommendation, you have to store your clothes completely dry . When looking for clothes on the rope or clothesline, we must make sure that they have dried well. Otherwise, we will be bringing moisture to the closet.

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