Transform Two Pots into a Potato Planter: A Space-Saving Gardening Hack

Converting two pots into a potato planter is a creative and efficient way to grow potatoes, especially if you’re limited on space. This method not only makes the most of vertical gardening techniques but also simplifies the harvesting process, as you won’t have to dig through soil to find your potatoes. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own great potato planter using just two pots.

two pots into a potato planter

Materials Needed:

  • Two large plastic pots (about 30-40 cm in diameter)
  • A drill with a 1/4 inch drill bit
  • High-quality potting mix
  • Seed potatoes (small to medium size)
  • Straw or mulch (optional)
  • Watering can or garden hose

Step 1: Prepare Your Pots

Choose two sturdy plastic pots that are the same size. Make sure they have adequate drainage holes at the bottom. If not, use the drill to add more holes to ensure excess water can escape, preventing root rot. The idea is to stack these pots to create a deep yet accessible space for the potatoes to grow.

Step 2: Modify the Second Pot

Take one of the pots and drill 4-6 additional holes in the sides, about halfway up from the bottom. These holes are for aeration and will also allow some potatoes to grow out the sides, making harvesting even easier.

Step 3: Prepare Your Seed Potatoes

About a week before planting, place your seed potatoes in a bright, cool spot to encourage sprouting. Cut larger seed potatoes into pieces, ensuring each piece has at least one eye (sprout). Allow the cut surfaces to dry and form a callus over a day or two to prevent rot.

your seed potatoes and 2 pots

Step 4: Planting

Fill the unmodified pot about one-third full with a high-quality potting mix. Plant your seed potatoes about 3 inches deep, with the eyes facing upward. Space them evenly, with no more than four seed potatoes per pot for adequate room to grow.

Step 5: Stacking and Growing

Once your seed potatoes are planted, take the modified pot and place it on top of the first pot, creating a tall, two-pot planter. As your potato plants grow and emerge from the soil, gradually add more potting mix to the top pot, burying the stems halfway. This encourages more potatoes to form along the buried stems. Keep the soil consistently moist, but not waterlogged, and provide your plants with at least six hours of sunlight daily.

Step 6: Maintenance

Potatoes need consistent moisture, so water your plants regularly, especially during dry spells. You can add a layer of straw or mulch on top of the soil to help retain moisture and keep the soil temperature stable.

Step 7: Harvesting

Your potatoes will be ready to harvest when the foliage starts to die back and yellow, typically about 10-12 weeks after planting. To harvest, simply lift the top pot off and gently remove the soil to find your potatoes. You can also harvest a few new potatoes early by reaching into the side holes.

new potatoe in a box

Converting two pots into a potato planter is an ingenious way to grow potatoes in a small space. It’s a fun project that can yield a substantial crop of potatoes without the need for a traditional garden. Plus, the satisfaction of lifting the pot to reveal your homegrown potatoes is unbeatable. Give it a try and enjoy fresh, homegrown potatoes right from your balcony or patio.

This method of growing potatoes is not just practical; it’s also a conversation starter and a great way to engage with your gardening. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or new to the green world, this project is sure to add excitement and productivity to your gardening endeavors.

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