This Unique Bird Feeder Brings Birds and Squirrels Partially Into Your Home

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Who doesn’t love watching birds feed up close?! It’s relaxing, majestic, and a super fun activity to do with the kids! You may remember the one-way mirror bird feeder that we posted a while back that lets you suction it to your window for super up-close views of wild birds while they’re feeding. Well, this new bird feeder actually brings them right into your home for the closest views possible while your backyard birds feed on seeds!

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If you’re thinking you have to cut a huge hole in the side of your house to install this unique bird feeder on your wall, that’s not exactly how it works. It actually installs right onto any sliding sash style window that open and close by sliding up and down. Just place the bird viewer right on the bottom of your open window, and close the window onto the top of the bird feeder.

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The unique style bird feeder allows birds, squirrels, and whatever other animals that might hop in for a quick snack right into your house. It allows them to come in around 9 inches into your house with a rounded window keeping them from fully entering. Meanwhile, you can sit and watch all of these wild animals right up close.

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The inside the house bird feeder uses two rectangular adjustable PVC panels that allow it to be installed onto the majority of single and double hung windows that measures anywhere between 27-36 inches wide. The rounded window bird viewer is installed similar to a window air-conditioner unit, and forms a water-tight seal so you won’t need to worry about taking it down during rain or bad weather.

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A door on the top of the bird feeder allows you to easily add more bird feed without having to go outside!

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The inside the house bird viewer doesn’t come with 2 way or mirrored panel that would prevent the birds from seeing you, as that would potentially scare them away by seeing a reflection of themselves. Though you can add that yourself if you like.

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You’ll not only see birds with the inside the house bird viewer, as squirrels and other wild animals will surely want to come try it out and check out the snacks you put inside of it!

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If you’re looking for a bird viewer/bird feeder that’s cheaper and easier to install, this bird feeder with a one-way mirror might be what you’re looking for!

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The rounded window bird viewer mounts onto any standard single or double hung windows! That little door on the top also lets you quickly add more bird seed!

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The in the house bird feeder lets birds come to you, and is a perfect gift idea for bird watchers, bird lovers, or bird loving kids!

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This unique bird feeder uses a rounded clear viewing panel which helps prevent the birds that come inside from seeing a reflection of themselves and trying to attack the reflection. This not only helps keep the birds safe, but also gives you an awesome view of the birds!

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It’s called the Krick View Window Tray Bird Feeder, and it measures 9.25′ inches tall x 36 inches wide (adjustable) x 9 inches deep. It also weighs 9 lbs.

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What little kid wouldn’t love a wild bird to come into their kitchen and feed right next to them while they eat some breakfast in the morning?!

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The unique rounded window in-house bird viewer is made from a variety of different materials, including PVC, plastic, metal, acrylic. It also comes with an easy to use Mounting or Anchoring Kit.

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The window mounted bird viewer’s platform base holds around 1 quart of whatever feed you’d like to put out for the birds/animals such as bird seed, mealworms, suet nuggets, etc…

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If you or your kid loves looking at birds up close and personal, this unique in-house bird feeder/bird viewer might be for you!

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