This Netflix Show Is Making EVERYONE Spruce Up Their Home (And No Claims) With These 5 Tips

New year, new life, time to reorganize, but what if I’m lazy? Let’s tidy up with Marie Kondo! (Tyding Up), a new series that is on Netflix can be the perfect incentive to start. The Internet proved it: whoever he visited, he fixed their closet at least.

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Author of two books, Marie Kondo became famous creating a unique method of organization, and thanks to her efficiency we can now see it on Netflix. In each episode, the Japanese woman visits a house to help people get rid of everything they no longer need from clothes, accessories, utensils and other various objects.

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Their goal: to make your life easier. “My mission is to bring joy through organization”, says Marie in the first episode. Thus, the “KonMari” method has categories with basic rules, almost miraculous.

Organization Tips from Marie Kondo on Netflix

  1. Clothes
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His first suggestion is to gather all the clothes in one place and look at them, it is likely that you realize that you have more than you imagined. From there, choose what stays and what goes. To choose, she advises that « you should hold the piece, if you feel that it brings you joy, you keep it «.

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When holding an item that you really want, you should have a feeling of welcome and happiness, everything else should go. After choosing the pieces you will keep, you must double. “It is not only leaving few clothes, but also being grateful. You have to learn to love folding it” explains Marie. People hesitate a bit, but it works.

First, form a rectangle with the clothes by placing the sleeves towards the center, then fold in the middle and finish by folding in three equal parts. This way you will be able to keep them “standing” in the drawer to be able to see all your clothes without messing anything up.

  1. Stationery

Swipe right to see the transformations! A beautiful piece of work by Marieke, a certified KonMari consultant, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Visit the official site of Marieke and her sister Eliette, who is also a KonMari consultant.

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Admittedly, if you put together all the household stationery you will have a mountain of paper, Marie Kondo offers a solution: “You must categorize the papers that you will keep in three: pending, such as bills to pay or that require an action; important documents, which are the papers that you should always keep safe; and papers that you often refer to frequently (such as prescriptions or delivery services)”

For books, the rule is the same: gather as many as you have and only keep the ones that bring you true joy. Ask yourself if you are going to reread any, if you really need it. Do not forget to thank before, because that is very important for Marie Kondo.

Organize the remaining books into categories and vertically, so you can see everything. Arrange for magazines, visual (which has many images, photographs, etc.), practical (recipes, technicians, manuals, guides, etc.) and general (entertainment books).

  1. Many boxes
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For more generic items like kitchen utensils and tools, the suggestion is to separate everything into boxes. According to Marie, you should group the objects by categories and sizes, then put them all in boxes, so they don’t get mixed up and you avoid more clutter.

  1. Separate the sentimental elements
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Everyone has important photos, objects, cards and small keepsakes that won’t be thrown away, but you don’t see them all the time, so she advises gathering them together and boxing them up. Another trick is to use transparent boxes to see what is inside them.

  1. Don’t save things for later

Do you remember that object or paper that you look at and always say ‘someday I will need it’? What we learn with “Tidying up with Marie Kondo!” is that the answer is: you will not need it. If it doesn’t bring you joy, be thankful and throw it away.

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