This Is What Happens If You Cover The Ironing Board With Aluminum Foil, You Will Be Surprised!

Aluminum foil is an indispensable tool around the home. It is not only used for storing products, for baking, for cleaning pots and pans, for sharpening scissors, etc.

Here’s a simple foil trick to help you iron clothes effectively and quickly:

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You will need:

1 roll of aluminum foil, the same one used for cooking.

How to use:

Remove the cover from your ironing board and cover the surface with a sheet of aluminum foil. Carefully replace the cover and… you’re all set to start ironing!
Aluminum foil is an excellent heat reflector, therefore it will remove all wrinkles and folds on both sides of your clothing. Also, aluminum foil tends to soften silk. If you don’t want fingerprints to appear on the surface of delicate fabrics, place the iron 3-5 cm above the board. The heat will suffice.

Now that you know this simple trick that will help you iron your clothes effectively and quickly, go ahead and try it and recommend it.

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