This is what a child needs from his father before the age of 10

When children are born they immediately share a special bond with their mother, but they will also have a special bond with their father, as long as he is involved in raising the child from the time of pregnancy.

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When you have children, time flies by without you realizing it, the one who was a little baby begins to grow and turn years.

If you have a son, there are things you should get from his father before he is 10 years old, because in this way you will be ensuring that he has a better development.

These are some things that your son needs from his father, they are not material, they are more important things.

1- Don’t buy him everything you wanted to have and didn’t have. You better teach him knowledge, so whatever you wanted to learn as a child is what you should teach him.

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2- Give him physical affection. It is what will give you strength in his heart. Men also hug and give each other affection, show your son that there are no gender roles in the family, there is love and affection among all.

3- Teach him to be strong so that he never lets himself be trampled by anyone. Teach him to have the intelligence to know when he needs to ask for help without being embarrassed and to be brave to ask for it.

4- Make her understand that although she grew up inside her mother’s womb, she always grew and will grow inside your heart, because she will be there forever.

5- Teach him that when it comes to love there is no need to be in a hurry and a lot of patience. That to truly love another person you must first be happy with yourself.


6- Always listen to your son, every word he says to you, even if he has repeated it to you a thousand times, is important to him, allow him to express himself and let him know that you will always be by his side to support him in whatever he needs.

7- Teach your son to respect women and men equally. Treat people well regardless of gender, skin color, or socioeconomic status, and whether your child sees you doing it. He will also learn through your example that everyone in the world deserves respect.

8- It teaches equality between men and women, that there are no barriers in terms of daily or professional chores. They are both capable of doing anything. There are no roles, there are no gender obligations, there are rights and obligations as people.

9- Be the best example for your son every day of your life. Show your kindness and let him know that it is not a weakness. The strongest people are not the cruelest, men also cry and that will never make them weak.


10- Love him with all your heart and show him with facts, also reinforce these facts with beautiful words.

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