This is how you should Clean the Kitchen according to Marie Kondo to leave it impeccable

Surely you have heard of Marie Kondo, a charming Japanese woman who at the age of 30 managed to become one of the 100 most influential people in the world. His books on organizing home life have been translated into different languages ​​and sold with a total circulation of more than 8 million copies. Since January 2019, Netflix launched the reality show “Kondo Cleanup”, which has surpassed even the most popular culinary shows.

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According to the Marie Kondo cleaning principles, there is only room in the house for things that bring joy. You have to say goodbye to everything else, and fast. After all, cluttered space scatters attention and distracts from what is really important in life. As soon as a person gets rid of unnecessary things, he will have the strength and inspiration to solve problems that have been in the air for a long time.

Cleaning with Marie Kondo


When the quantity of things becomes suffocating, say to yourself “Stop!”, Look around you and in that very second make the decision to change your life. Create a cleaning plan, divide the space into zones, and order each one in turn. From the refrigerator to the lower cabinets with cereals, then go to the shelves with dishes, etc. Reserve 20 minutes a day for each zone. Put a check mark in front of the completed items in the list; In this way, you will feel even more joy for the work done.

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Remember the fundamental principle: leave only what brings joy. A dusty electric waffle iron, cute but impractical set of plates, give them a way! Of course, you don’t have to throw everything away. Do something similar to a garage sale, surely among your neighbors there will be those who will feel grateful for these things.

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Practical sense

Do you really need 4 almost identical beaters, 2 vegetable peelers or 3 different sized corkscrews? Eliminate duplicates, at least, so they don’t take up space.

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Unusual graters, a container for fish scales, herb scissors, a curly knife for bananas, etc. When you see these things, it’s hard to refrain from buying them. But in practice, they are usually useless and just take up a lot of drawer space.

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Throw away everything that is expired from the refrigerator; there are no options here. The forgotten sauces, cheese and herbs left behind. Do not buy food for future use: this way you can eat more varied, and you will not give the opportunity to multiply bacteria and mold in the refrigerator. Transfer cooked foods to clean containers, rather than sending them directly to the refrigerator in a saucepan.

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Good neighborly relations are excellent, only if the neighbors are not moths and insects. Reconsider cereals, spices, and pasta, and discard packets with uninvited guests. In the future, store bulk products in tightly closed glass jars.

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There is a bag of bags in each kitchen. Well, don’t eradicate this phenomenon, and that’s it! We suggest sorting and cutting your content, and then moving it to an ergonomic container. Fold envelope packages vertically in a row, like documents in a binder.

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Grandma’s tea set may evoke feelings of cuteness, but what about the fact that half of the cups and saucers are long gone and the other half is chipped? We propose to approach the subject in a creative way.

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Use all the available space in the kitchen. For example, a niche under a sink can serve as a hiding place for a trash can. If you organize it correctly, you will save a lot of space. Use the full height of your kitchen cabinets.

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We want to collect the necessary elements, but we get an accumulation of dust, grease, dirt. As a result, not only the bar needs to be washed, but all of these exposed jars and cup holders as well. Hide everything you can in the cabinets, save time!

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