These are the caresses of a man who is NOT in love with you

Sometimes we can confuse gestures of chivalry with love. If you are dating someone and you have doubts about his feelings , pay attention to his caresses, because in them is the key to know if he is in love with you or not.

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There is a theory called Stroke Economy , developed by psychologist Claude Steiner, which basically states that human beings need “external strokes” to complete our development both personally and in any relationship.

For him, a caress not only has to do with touch, but also with looks, smiles, messages and affectionate gestures.

That said, with this it is relatively easy to realize the feelings of a person towards you.

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Some signs that he does not love you are:

  1. Cuddling only when you want to be intimate.
  2. He talks to you “nice” or says nice things about you , when he wants something in return.
  3. He takes you by the hand, not to make you feel protected or accompanied, but rather pulling you.
  4. Find a way to “compliment yourself” first, before mentioning something you consider a flaw.
  5. When he treats you roughly, disguising it as a game or when he makes you feel like an object.

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