The sad reality about the charger plugged in when you’re not charging anything

Leaving the charger plugged in is generally not recommended, as phantom power consumption occurs. This means that by leaving it unused connected to the current, it generates unnecessary expenses that will later be applied to the monthly electricity bill.

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With all the energy that is wasted due to human imprudence, we could meet the needs of some countries that do not have the possibility of accessing this great resource. The energy consumed by chargers plugged in without use is more than enough to supply 33 countries with less or no energy consumption in the world.

Chargers are essential elements for the maintenance of computers, cell phones, among other technological objects. Leaving the charger connected to the current can damage this accessory, since we would not be using it properly.

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If we leave it plugged in and do not use it at all, it can accumulate energy and overheat in moments.

Leaving the charger plugged in : Imminent danger

We must bear in mind that its misuse can cause accidents. A very common circumstance is fire, since there were cases due to leaving the charger plugged in without being used.

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This also happens because most of the outlets we use are close to flammable objects. For this reason, having the charger connected to the current increases the chances of causing a short circuit or a build-up of heat that can cause a disaster as a consequence.

It is recommended that when you finish using the charger you unplug it, and in this way we will guarantee safety for ourselves and our family.

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