The importance of apologizing to your children when you’re wrong

Offering apologies is a great lesson in humility, since it implies recognizing that like all human beings you are wrong, that you are not infallible and that you have hundreds of defects to correct.

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Offering apologies enhances you as a person, but to complete the learning circle you need to consistently correct the mistakes you make, otherwise your words will sound empty over time.

Being a mother makes you a better human being because you have never felt so responsible for someone before, much less for a person as unique and beautiful as your son, and that undoubtedly helps you grow inside.

This growth involves overcoming challenges and maturing, a task that parents face daily, who like all human beings sometimes make mistakes and can yell at or misjudge their children.

It is essential to apologize, it is not a mere formality, but an act with which you give your children security, trust, empathy and assertiveness.

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To apologize is to take a step forward

It’s about acknowledging that you were wrong and showing your children that mistakes can be corrected.

Rectifying is for the wise, and in order to do so, it is necessary to learn and modify the attitude that pushes you to act inappropriately. It will help you see mistakes as a pedagogical element, which will not only provide valuable lessons for you, but also for your children.

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Respect and consistency are important values

Knowing how to say “ I was wrong and I am going to try to correct it ” is an exemplary sign of respect for your child as a human being.

Apologizing to your children when you’re wrong makes you a conscientious and responsible parent. In this revision the reflection arises that you are not infallible, that you make mistakes and that you want to improve.

Being consistent is about leading by example. A consistent father is not one who has different opinions about an event, but one who respects, through his actions and his lifestyle, compliance with the rules and values ​​that govern his home.

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