The 7 best plants to have indoors

When the season starts to change, the warmer days are gone to start the colder and even rainy winter days, so we spend more time at home.

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Plants in this period have a high level of importance, not only because we use them as decorative products, but also because they have qualities in terms of air purification and regulation of humid spaces.

1- Monstera or Adam’s Rib


It is one of the most sought after when it comes to decorating interior spaces. Its leaves are shaped like ribs, they have an unusual size and with holes to which is added a fruit that if you eat it has a flavor similar to pineapple. You must place it on high if you have pets, because it is toxic for pets and children.

2- Red Anthurium


It is beautiful not only because of its beauty, but also because inside the home it gives us beautiful red flowers. It does not require much care, you just have to place it near a window, but do not give it direct sunlight, and watering should be moderate avoiding waterlogging.

3- Bromeliad


Its leaves are very particular because they grow as if they were a rosette. They are curved inwards and overlap each other, forming a cavity. It is very resistant and strong, it requires a lot of light but never direct sun. They have almost no roots and watering should be between the leaves, checking that water does not accumulate in the leaves. Spraying is the most advisable.

4- Adiantum

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It is a variety of fern. This plant should be located in places where there is not much light, away from drafts, and since it is tropical, it requires humidity. Therefore, it is advisable to have it in humid places and provide it with water and spray it on its leaves.

5- Sansevieria


Its leaves grow up to 40 or 50 cm in height. It requires abundant light and little watering. It is a very easy plant to grow that supports high and low temperatures. It has upright tabby-green leaves with yellowish edges.

6- Philodendron


It is a herbaceous plant that has aerial roots that favor being a climber. Its leaves are bright green and lobed. It adapts very well to partial shade or environments with artificial light. Its multiplication is through cuttings and requires a soil with a lot of humidity, avoiding flooding.

7- Calathea


It is an indoor plant that has very showy leaves due to its shape. It needs a lot of light, but not direct sun. It requires abundant watering, always avoiding waterlogging.

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