Tell me how you close your fist and I will reveal your hidden personality

There are many movements or postures that nobody taught us and we just do by instinct. How, for example, the way each person closes his fist, have you ever noticed that yours is different from someone else’s? Today we will focus on the way you close your hand, because this position of the fist reveals many traits about your personality, the way you relate to others or how you face life.

It is a simple test that will not take you long to perform, you just need to carefully observe the way you place your fingers when you close your hands in a fist, these end up revealing even the relationship and what our character is like. Closing your fist is a very normal action, sometimes due to stress, being frustrated, upset, among other things.

The first thing you should do is close your hand and observe carefully, now, look at the images below and select the one that most closely resembles the way you closed your fist, ready to know about your personality?

All fingers on thumb

1 6

Others usually look at you like this:

For everyone you are the creative. People who have creativity are usually very intelligent. Your emotionality infects everyone, your enthusiasm and disposition are always the order of the day, however, sometimes you can be very changeable. What they think best goes with you are the arts because of the way you tend to express yourself, you have talent, sensitivity and artistry. People consider you smart and cautious. Harmony and tranquility are part of your day to day life.

What are you really like?

You are a calm person, kind by nature and prudent, you prefer silence to hurt people. You are someone very sociable and easy to deal with. You are a free soul who goes after the realization of your dreams and although you are very nice you choose to have few friends, but true ones.

When you fall in love:

Drama is not your thing, you prefer a quiet relationship without so much hassle, a relationship where you can be yourself and feel free and relaxed. But sometimes even when you are not comfortable at all, you stay because you are very compassionate, you do not like to hurt and when you are hurt, you tend to forgive very quickly and forget, a characteristic that very few have. You don’t like drama. Therefore, you prefer relaxed and comfortable situations.

Thumb over fingers

2 4

Others usually look at you like this:

You are a very friendly person, people tend to trust you easily, you have charisma and talent. You tend to get the admiration and respect of others; you are intelligent, generous and kind. Your self-esteem really is impressive. You are flexible and attentive and always try to be fair according to the situation.

What are you really like?

Sometimes fear tends to take over you and makes it impossible for you to do many things, you are always afraid of being hurt, you are very sensitive and have a good heart. Your expectations are very high but you are afraid of losing and you do not take risks. What makes you happy mainly is that those people you love show you their appreciation and are there when you need them, because you are usually someone who is always there when they need it, that is, you like reciprocity.

When you fall in love:

You don’t know how to let go of the past and you can’t free yourself from memories that have hurt you. You are always in fear of opening your heart. Although you want to do it, you do not do it because you are afraid of failing, so you choose to put up a barrier and show yourself as someone disinterested in the subject of love.

Thumb on a finger

3 1

Others usually look at you like this:

Your main weapons are intuition and imagination. They see you as someone generous and collaborative but sometimes with certain insecurities. You are enthusiastic but only with what is to your liking. You are curious and explorer, you do not like to be left with doubts, you are impatient and tenacious, you go in search of your interests. You have a great sense of humor, something that ends up attracting everyone’s attention, that’s why you are always surrounded by many people. You have leadership material.

What are you really like?

You like honesty, you are not a person who beats around the bush because you always show a lot of security in yourself and your actions. You are very kind and respectful, you show a lot of nobility and kindness but beware! Well, many people take advantage of this. The good thing is that you have a sixth sense to identify those who are with you out of appreciation and those who are out of interest.

When you fall in love:

You lack a plus to be able to express what you have and it is not that you do not feel, you simply like to be a little reserved in matters of love. Although love is very important to you, you tend to put it in the background, your dreams are your priority but of course, you also dream of a future next to someone you really love but you like to set priorities.

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