Teach your children this effective Technique to Memorize

The way most of us learned in school is what we commonly know as “repeat like a parakeet”.

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I remember that learning the multiplication tables was a torment for me, I remember studying them late at night with my mom. She asked me and I answered, obviously she often made mistakes because she only answered what she supposedly she had learned by repeating over and over again.

Fortunately, schools are now teaching them other types of methods to learn multiplication, division, history, and more.

The other day when I was helping my daughter do her homework, she taught me the method that her teacher gave her to learn, it was something totally new for me. I liked this a lot because I realized that she was really understanding what she was doing.

I liked the method used by the teacher so much that the other day in a meeting I approached her to ask her how she teaches children and she told me her “secret”.


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According to the Royal Spanish Academy, mnemonics is a mental association procedure to facilitate the memory of something.

Spanish psychologists, Alfredo Campos and Leticia Ameijide, belonging to the Department of Basic Psychology at the University of Santiago de Compostela, state that mnemonics is a set of methods that help strengthen good memory through an artificial form. It is the technique that helps memorize in an easy and entertaining way, since it uses more imagination than just repeating.

It consists of recreating in the mind a story with the words or numbers to be learned, for example, if the words dog and cat need to be learned, the mnemonics says to make a story with a dog and a cat. The point is to imagine the hair color of the dog and the cat, and something that characterizes them as a spot or a very long tail, that is, the imagination should run wild. This helps the brain easily register the dog and cat, and the words ‘dog and cat’ will be learned much more easily.

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