Studies confirm that dogs can recognize a bad person

Dogs, in addition to being man’s best friends, have a sixth sense that makes them alert to different situations. Perhaps the best example of this is police dogs that, although they have prior training to detect and locate objects and people , they have a natural gift to differentiate a subject with positive energies and another with negative vibrations. A recent study has confirmed that dogs can indeed recognize a bad person and today we will talk about it.

The combination of sight, smell and hearing are essential factors for a dog to stay alert at all times and, just as they give and receive love, they are also capable of knowing the intentions of people just by sniffing them. Likewise, the things that humans do not perceive, they do in an almost natural way and this, if we have dogs, benefits us enormously.

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Dogs can sense natural disasters

For example, an earthquake or a storm. Your senses are always alert and warn us that something is about to happen. Similarly, there are people who claim that dogs can see people who have passed to the other plane, that is, those who have already died, it is as if they could see a parallel universe. If you have a dog as a pet, it is very likely that if you are with him and someone unknown approaches you, the dog will be alarmed and start barking. This means that he has seen some dark energy in the subject.

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A study has shown that dogs are really guardians

A group of researchers had the initiative to recreate a striking scene in which a boy had a breakdown in his car, near the boy there were two subjects observing the situation and right in front of everyone, they placed a dog. While the young man was looking for a way to solve his problem, only one of the two boys who was watching him offered his help, causing the work to be minimized and the problem to disappear.

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After finishing that, both boys approached the dog with some toys to get his attention, but to everyone’s surprise, the dog only paid attention to the man who helped the car owner and ignored the one who only watched the scene. Everyone was impressed, because everything was as if the animal really understood that only one subject was kind enough to help, while the other was indifferent. He knew how to differentiate the energies that emanated from the bodies of those men.

With this we can realize that dogs have a powerful gift that makes them guardians, so try to give your pet a lot of love, because he can protect you from anyone who tries to hurt you.

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