Stain remover soap made with hydrogen peroxide – the best

The effectiveness of the products we have at home can be many, although perhaps we were not aware of them.

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It is a soap that contains hydrogen peroxide and is used especially for white garments.

Many benefits are obtained from this stain remover soap, not only is it efficient, it is economical and protects the fibers of the fabrics.


coconut soap
2 liters of hot water
500 ml of coconut-based detergent
4 bottles of hydrogen peroxide volume 40-80 ml

hydrogen peroxide medicine white plastic bottle closeup
hydrogen peroxide medicine white plastic bottle closeup on wooden table


Finely grate the coconut soap for easier melting.
Then we transfer it to a large container and add the 2 liters of hot water, we begin to stir it well for several minutes until the coconut soap dissolves completely.
Next step, we add the coconut detergent to the container and continue stirring until the mixture is fully integrated.
Finally, we continue with the bottles of hydrogen peroxide and mix one at a time with the rest of the ingredients so that they are integrated. At least we do it for about 5 minutes with energy and let it rest for about 6 hours.
Afterwards, we continue with the elaboration of this soap to create consistency in the soap.

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How to use it:

This soap can be used for any type of fabric, but especially white clothes. It is a soap that whitens clothes such as t-shirts, towels, sheets, etc.

Remember that they should be soaked overnight with the stain remover soap. Then, without the need to rub the garment the next day we put it in the washing machine to wash it as usual.

If the garments are yellowish, apply the stain remover soap, leave overnight and wash as usual.

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