Say Goodbye to Outdoor Flies with This Clever Hack

Are you tired of pesky flies ruining your outdoor relaxation this summer? Well, here’s a clever trick that Tabe Paxson recently shared on social media to keep those bothersome flies at bay. The secret weapon? A simple bar of Irish Spring Soap. You won’t believe how effective this unusual method can be in deterring flies and other pests from your porch, deck, or any outdoor area where you love to unwind.

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The Irish Spring Soap Solution: Irish Spring Soap, known for its distinctive fragrance, has far more uses than just keeping you clean and fresh. Its robust aroma happens to be highly unappealing to a wide range of insects, making it an excellent natural repellent.

How to Use Irish Spring Soap to Keep Flies Away:

  1. Grab a mesh bag or a piece of cloth.
  2. Place a bar of Irish Spring Soap inside the bag or wrap it securely in the cloth.
  3. Hang the soap-filled bag in the areas where you spend time outdoors.

The subtle scent carried by the breeze is enough to deter flies and ensure your outdoor enjoyment remains uninterrupted. But it’s not just flies that can’t stand this scent; even deer find it repulsive. That’s why some savvy gardeners strategically place nylon stockings filled with soap shavings around their gardens as a plant protection measure.

Additional Benefits: If you own an RV, camper trailer, or a seasonal cabin, consider placing chunks of Irish Spring Soap inside when you pack up for the winter. The potent aroma also repels rodents, making your trailer less attractive as a winter residence for these critters.

As temperatures rise this summer, it’s a good idea to stock up on Irish Spring Soap. Make sure you’re fully equipped to deter any flies attempting to spoil your outdoor fun. Keep the flies away and enjoy a pest-free outdoor experience all season long!

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