Plants that create a microclimate in the house

People aren’t usually aware of the incredible abilities of ordinary household plants to improve the microclimate in their homes. Along with their natural beauty and scent, the plants create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere, stabilise humidity and saturate the air with oxygen. Thus helping young children and people with allergies to breathe more peacefully.

Plants that moisturise the air


The Kalanchoe is native to Madagascar and feels extremely good in dry air areas. The moisture accumulates in its leaves and regulates the climate of the home. It should not be irrigated but make sure you keep it in a sunny place.



The most popular indoor plant and it is technically a weeping fig. The ficus moisturises the air and saturates it with oxygen, neutralises toxins and bacteria and with its broad leaves retains dust.


Cypress (Chamaecyparis)

In Japan, the cypress tree is considered sacred: it is believed that the souls of the dead and gods inhabit it. The evergreen plant the refreshes the interior, moisturises the air, fights dust and relieves headaches and migraines.

cypress (chamaecyparis)

Cissus (Grape Ivy)

It adapts to dry air and gradually moisturising it. However, it needs partial shade and regular wet showers.

cissus (grape ivy)


It is also know as “thin tongue” and it is popular by the name of Dracaena. This plant does great things with the air: it moisturises and generates a huge amount of oxygen.


Plants that absorb the air moisture

Myrtus (Myrtle)

Myrtle not only restores the normal climate in the home, but also takes care of your health. The substance released from leaves and myrtle flowers kill the germs in the air.

myrtus (myrtle)

Coffee tree

The plant ranks as one of the world’s most valuable and widely traded. The coffee tree loves good watering and partial shade. Has the ability to absorb excess moisture from the air.

coffee tree

Lemon tree (Citrus)

The leaves emit a huge number of phytochemicals sterilising the space around them. The tree loves sunbathing, regular watering and dry soil.

sku 70719 sku 13883

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily not only absorbs the excess moisture and normalises the climate in the house but also eliminates mould spores. Therefore, the plant feels great in the bathroom.

peace lilly

Noble Laurel

The plant originates in the subtropics so it loves moist air, partial shade and plenty of warm water. Absorbing the moisture form the air creates a normal climate.

noble laurel

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