Plan of 7 Exercises that will transform your body in just 4 weeks

This amazing plan of simple exercises will help you stay in shape, so you won’t hesitate to keep it as part of your daily routine.

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This simple exercise plan will change your physical appearance in just 4 weeks. You won’t have to go to the gym or buy any equipment, all you need is determination and 10 minutes a day.

1- Iron

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It is a static exercise, which means that you do not need to move while doing it, but rather keep your body in the correct position. It is important to keep your back straight without your waist down or your bottom lifted up.

2- Push-ups

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To do a proper push-up you start with a plank and then push up with your arms. The most important thing is to keep your back, lower body and legs in a straight line.

3- Toning the muscles of the thigh and buttocks

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Start by getting down on your hands and knees. Then, straighten one leg trying to keep it straight, and not tossing or bending it while lifting and straightening the opposite arm at the same time.

4- Squats

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Place your feet parallel to the shoulders. She then begins to squat down as if you were slowly sitting down on an imaginary chair. Knees and feet should form a straight line. Try to pull your lower back in as far as you can. Also, you can help yourself keep your balance by stretching your arms out in front of you.

5- Sit-ups

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Lie on your back and stretch your arms up, then slowly lift one of your legs by bending the knee and touch it with your hand. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg and arm.

6- Sit-ups with leg extensions

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First, position your hands and feet so that your body forms a triangle on the ground. Raise one of your legs as high as you can, and then lower slowly and try to touch the tip of your nose with your knee.

7- Waist Twists

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Take the starting position with your legs apart, slightly bent at the knees and with your back against the wall. Then he picks up a ball and slowly moves his hands from side to side trying to touch the wall keeping you upright.

4 week plan

Week 1

2 minute plank
1 minute push ups
1 minute abs and thighs
1 minute sit-ups
1 minute abs and glutes
1 minute waist twists
2 minute plank
Leave an interval of 10 seconds between each exercise

Week 2

– Series 1

3 minute plank
3 minute sit-ups
3 minutes thighs and buttocks
Pause for 15 seconds between each exercise

– Series 2

3 minute waist twists
3 minute push ups
3 minutes abs and glutes
Pause for 15 seconds between each exercise

week 3

Repeat the exercises from week 1.

week 4

Repeat the exercises from week 2.

If you follow this exercise plan correctly you will get results in just 1 month and you will develop the habit of doing 10 minutes of exercise every day.

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