Place one of these 9 plants in your house and you can have them throughout the year in unlimited quantities

If you are one of the people who like to grow plants, today we bring you some information. We are looking for a list of plants that can be grown only with water, without the need to use soil; Read this content carefully and you will be amazed, it is super cheap, simple and the best thing is that they work as a decoration in your kitchen.

Today we bring you 9 different types of plants that only use water to grow. You will be impressed and you will have them on hand in your kitchen to add to your food; you will want to show them to all your guests.

9 types of plants you can grow at home


You can grow it by placing some fresh cuttings of the plant in a container with water and that’s it. This is one of the best plants, it is widely used as it has medical properties.


This plant can be grown at any time of the year, place some cuttings in water. It will grow steadily and you can have it in your kitchen to be used when cooking.


If you do not want woody cuttings, you can place some fresh shoots of this wonderful plant in a container with water, it will grow quickly.


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Place freshly sprouted cuttings of this plant in a container with water, the greener they are, the faster they will sprout. Do it in mid-spring.


This herb is incredible for our salads, you can grow it in spring, just place a few cuttings in a container and that’s it.


If we want to grow this plant we will have to place it in a warm place with a lot of light, it is recommended and used in teas, since it has sweet.

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We will have to be very careful when growing this plant as it is prone to mold, place it in airy places, and grow little by little as it has a lot of flavor. In spring take soft cuttings and place them in water.


This is one of our favorite plants, you can use it in meals and it will give it a delicious touch. Put a fresh cutting in water and as it grows you can pinch the necessary leaves to use.


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Soak the seeds in soapy water for a short time, fill a container with water and rinse them, then dry the seeds very well and transfer them to a bowl with water and let them begin to germinate, preferably indoors.

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