People who wash dishes live longer

These are the advantages of washing the dishes

Have you heard people say that washing dishes relaxes them? What if what they actually do is drink the elixir of youth? As you can see, washing the dishes can make you live many more years.

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Close-Up Of Dirty Dishes In Kitchen Sink

Close-Up Of Dirty Dishes In Kitchen Sink
According to a study by the University of Psychology in Florida , washing the dishes decreases the mortality rate significantly. This is because performing this activity helps reduce stress and at the same time relaxes.

The study involved 6,000 women between the ages of 65 and 99 who were followed for three years. Thus, they discovered that washing the dishes decreased their nervousness by 27% and their inspiration increased by 25%.

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So to wash dishes because it is recommended to do it at least 30 minutes a day.

Source: Los40

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