Meet the 10 rarest succulents in the world

Despite the fact that deserts are very dry areas, a variety of exotic and very interesting plants can be found in them.

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Among them we can highlight the large succulents that have a wide variety of rare species that you may not know yet.

Next, we show you the 10 rarest succulents in the world that you surely did not know.


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It is a new selection of species from the Crassulaceae family, which grows as time goes by. Currently there are about 1400 species of Crasulaceae, which are divided into 33 genera worldwide. But this type of succulent plant has a greater growth in what is the southern and northern hemisphere of Africa, especially in those habitats that are dry.


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When talking about Caudiciformes, it refers to some plants that can be found in arid areas, which have a rather unusual thick stem called a caudex. This plant is also known as Paquicaule and has a trunk that tends to be somewhat thick with few branches.

3- ASCLEPIA (Milkweed)

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This type of succulent plant belongs to a subfamily of Apocynaceae, it has approximately 2,900 species. They are a kind of herbs of the sufructice type, sometimes as bushes, with some woody parts that may or may not have cork and fibrous roots. These succulents are capable of producing very showy flowers, this due to somewhat complex mechanisms that they managed to develop for their pollination.


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This plant has recently been assigned to the Asparagaceae family, with approximately 70 species, mostly from Madagascar, Africa and Arabia. They are a kind of perennial herbs that have adapted to harsh and dry climates, thanks to their leaves. Its size can vary between a few centimeters and 2 meters. It can survive the intense summer and winter frosts.


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This large group of succulents from the desert are called Mesembs because they are part of the family known as Mesembryanthemaceae. They are found mainly in southern Africa and have approximately 2,000 species.


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It is a genus of succulent plants that can be found in the American continent, some of these species grow in cold areas and withstand frost. But there are also others that can be found in tropical climates. Their sizes can vary from measuring a few centimeters and even up to 3 meters wide.


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This type of succulents are climbers, have exotic flowers that are usually showy and come from the tropical forests of Oceania and Asia. They mostly need to receive medium light, as well as some can grow as houseplants.


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It is a genus of succulents endemic to South Africa, they have approximately 70 species and a few subspecies. Its leaves can often be spotted, marked, stippled, or may be slightly translucent.


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When we hear or see the word aloe, we usually automatically bring to our brain the image of an aloe vera that can be well known in homes. Aloe is a genus that contains approximately 400 species. They are native to Madagascar, Arabia and Africa.


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This plant has about 80 species very common in South Africa, it is known for having spectacular leaves that tend to be mottled, shiny and with different textures. They usually bloom in spring-summer, they release long stems with small orange flowers. Some of its species can be highly variable, and possibly one of the rarest succulents in existence.

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