Learn to prepare homemade Slime with 3 easy ingredients

Slime is a flexible dough that today’s children use to entertain themselves, it is a method of play that has been widely used for some time and is totally accessible . There are many ways to obtain a Slime, but if what you want is to make it at home , we bring you some homemade recipes that will help you make your own flexible dough.

The creativity of children is fundamental, in addition, creating a homemade slime will make them have fun and encourage the initiative that they themselves begin to make their own distractions. To make this craft you will not need chemicals that are harmful to health , in addition, you will not spend too much money, the materials are accessible and cheap.

Homemade slime with cornstarch and natural coloring

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You will need a plastic container, a cup of water, a cup of cornstarch or starch, food coloring drops or paint, and a wooden spoon with which you can stir the mixture.

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Once you have all these materials, proceed to start preparing the Slime. In the container you are going to combine the water with the cornstarch and beat for a long time until you obtain a gelatinous substance, then, take the Slime out of the container and knead with your hands, add the coloring according to the tonality you want it to have and that’s it , you already have your homemade slime.

Homemade slime with glue and liquid detergent

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In this case you need the same materials as the last recipe, only this time you are going to replace the cornstarch with 3 tablespoons of liquid detergent and 150 ml of water.

Contrary to the previous mixture, this time you are going to make two combinations. In the container place the glue and the coloring and beat with a spoon or a special plastic stick to stir mixtures.

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In another container you are going to combine the detergent with the water and beat well until you get a homogeneous substance, once these phases are finished, mix the two substances, this time with your hands and that’s it, you already have your Slime.

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