Learn to Plant and Grow a Rose Correctly

Buy seedlings with a closed root system, these take root easily and are usually of better quality.

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When purchasing, inspect the stem, it should be free of distortion and damage. The crown should consist of 2 grafts, located opposite each other of approximately equal development, with 2-3 strong shoots each. All branches must be free of dark spots and defects, and the buds green and healthy.

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Roses bloom best in sunny areas, sheltered from the wind. When choosing a location, you must take into account the nearby free space for the placement of the plant in winter. Sometimes the stem itself may be grafted onto the root of the rosehip; a unilateral thickening is usually visible at this location.

A planting pit 60 × 60 cm in size is needed. On a wet site, a layer of broken brick is poured on the bottom. Fill it with rich soil, which consists of humus and the top layer of garden soil. In a dry place, clay is added to the mixture, in a moist place, sand.

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A long-acting fertilizer is introduced and everything is mixed.
Before planting, soak the seedling for 30 minutes in a bucket of sodium humate solution.
Place the plant in a hole at a 45º angle to the side where you will place it for the winter.
When planting, bury the root collar 5 cm.
I use metal reinforcement for greater stability, I stick 2 rods. Tie at the base of the stem, in the middle and at the bottom of the crown.

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It is necessary to plant a standard rose with buds as soon as possible in prepared fertile soil or in a large pot.

Also, you should cover the graft with moss, keep it moist, and protect the crown from sun and wind.

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