Learn to make Bird Houses with Milk Cartons

We will enjoy a well-deserved rest with the family, but above all, spending time with the little ones in the house is a blessing.

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That’s why we bring you a special craft for kids:

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As you can see in the images, the materials and tools that we will need are very easy to get, and surely you have them at home.

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We start by painting the milk cartons white, and decorating them as they like best. In this case, it has been painted as if it were a real house, with a roof, its tiles painted with permanent marker, etc.

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We add a side opening, a front hole so that the birds can enter, a stick so they can lean on, and if you want to hang it, you can add a small rope to tie the birdhouse to the tree.

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But how about leaving this little house at home and decorating the children’s room? For that, we can make some little birds with the surprise chocolate eggs , a tweezers and some pipe cleaners for the beak.

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And this is the result, some beautiful birdhouses that you will love. Dare to do this craft together with your little ones.

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