Learn to knit a shawl by hand with this technique. It’s very easy to do!

Creating our own clothes is something innovative, it gives us the opportunity to work according to our own desires and to let our creativity run wild. Buying a garment already made with accessories or shades already defined is not the same as making them ourselves under the tastes that dominate us , in this sense, get ready to learn how to make a shawl by hand with simple steps under the following technique.

Today we are going to make a crochet shawl with a simple technique that will make your interest in creating clothing grow disproportionately, this will only be the beginning of the creations that you can make.

Take your body measurements to make the crochet shawl

This is essential, because from your measurements you can create the garment. Try to add 3 to 5 centimeters so that when you have it ready, it is not so tight. After this, locate the material of the color of your choice, remember that it is a shawl that you can use with any type of clothing and ideally, it can be combined with your style easily and simply.

Follow the pattern that we will provide below

According to the pattern that we provide you, begin to weave until little by little the shawl begins to take shape. It is normal that at first you do not find the common aspect of the shawl, but as you weave, everything is left according to what you want. Try to measure yourself to know that you are on the right track and that it will fit you well, neither too loose nor too tight.

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