Learn to Clean the Stainless Steel Surfaces of your Kitchen

In the kitchen we can have different areas or zones that are made of stainless steel, so they cannot be cleaned with soap and water, since this is not the best process to leave these surfaces impeccable.

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Next, we will show you 2 tricks to clean stainless steel quickly and effectively.

You will need:

Dish soap
Sodium bicarbonate
Soft rags
Container with spray cap


1-. Mix 1 cup of water with 1 cup of white vinegar.

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2-. Add a squirt of dish soap.

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3-. Place the mixture in a container with a spray cap.

4-. Spray the mixture and begin cleaning with the help of the soft cloth.

It is important that you clean where the small scratches on the surface go . The stainless steel surface can have horizontal or vertical stripes.

5-. Once you have sprayed the mixture, immediately wipe clean and do not let the liquid dry because there are stains.

6-. Then wipe with the dry cloth and clean again.

For the next trick we will need the mixture that we previously made, a dry cloth and the baking soda.

1-. Put baking soda on the cloth, make sure it is a good amount.

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2-. Sprinkle the mixture we made previously on top of the baking soda.

3-. Once a kind of paste has formed, we wipe the cloth over the steel surface . Remember to follow the direction of the scratches on the surface.


4-. To remove excess mixture, use a damp cloth.

5-. Then wipe over with a dry cloth to dry immediately.

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With these tricks you can leave stainless steel surfaces clean and shiny like the first time.

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