Learn how to make these beautiful decorative lamps using clay pots

Each garden should have an aspect that individualizes it and it is not only about the plants, but about the objects that decorate it, that give it life, even if it is about common animals that usually live in these places, Today I bring for you a practical tutorial that will help you to have a unique and special garden.

We are talking about some homemade lamps that you can make yourself with extremely cheap and easy to locate materials. The fundamental material you need for this activity is a clay pot, now pay attention and make these lamps as soon as possible.

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Materials needed to make garden lamps

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Clay pot
Garden lamp, if it is led better
Oil paint, preferably spray

Elaboration of the garden lamp

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First of all, get the pot, wash it very well and go over the entire surface with sandpaper in case it has imperfections. Once this phase is complete, proceed to paint it with the oil paint color you most want, wait for it to dry and draw something you like, it can be a butterfly, a dog, a heart, anything.

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Finally, apply the varnish so that the painting remains intact for a long time and place the lamp in the small hole that the pots have. Done, you already have the best garden decoration.

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