Learn how to make homemade lemon scented candles

Today we will show you how to make homemade scented candles so that you can enjoy their rich aroma while relaxing at home.

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This time we will make a lemon-scented candle, since it is one of the most liked, and without a doubt, it is the perfect gift for family and friends.

You need:

  • Wax stick – 1 stick per candle
  • Lemon – peels and slices
  • aromatic essence of lemon
  • color of your choice
  • pot to melt the wax
  • container suitable for candles
  • waxed wick
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To make homemade candles it is very important to have patience, so if it does not work at first, give yourself a second chance.

  • We start by placing our wax (previously cut into several parts) inside the pot to melt it. Also, you can add it whole, but it will take more time.
  • Once the above is done, add the lemon essence and mix until everything is integrated.
  • Later, add the dye of your liking to color your candle. Remember that a few drops will suffice. If you don’t have the food coloring, don’t worry, skip this step.
  • Now we proceed to decorate the container where we will place the candle. To do this, we will use the slices and pieces of lemon that we have previously cut.
  • Finished the above, add the wax (still liquid and hot) in the container and let it cool.
  • When the wax reaches a slightly thicker consistency, but is still not hard, place the waxed wick right in the center.
  • To finish, let the mixture cool completely. In this way, you will achieve the desired solidity.
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Now that you know how homemade candles are made, we invite you to replicate the process at home and enjoy its incredible benefits.

The best of all is that you can create candles with different aromas, you only have to change the aromatic essence and the decorative elements.

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