Learn how to make giant paper flowers to decorate any event

Flowers are part of home decoration, not only natural ones, but also artificial ones, those that you can make yourself from home with recyclable materials or with extremely cheap implements for us. You can make all kinds of flowers, from small to the largest, and we are here to talk to you about the latter, because today we are going to provide you with the necessary information so that you learn how to make giant paper flowers that will serve you at any event.

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This idea came from Brittany Watson Jepsen, who made several giant flowers to decorate her wedding and ended up being the sensation of the place, so much so that she decided to open her own store and now her designs are even sold on the web.

Materials you need to make the giant flowers

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plastic cups
5 centimeter strong thread
20 gauge mooring line
thread cutters
glue, scissors, tape
Silk paper
dry moss
zip ties

Procedure to follow to make the giant flowers

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According to the number of flowers you intend to have, you are going to fill the glasses with the cement and let them dry.

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After this you will take the resistant thread and cut it depending on the height you want the flowers to have, they can be from 3 to 8 meters.

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Take the glasses to have a reference in the mold of the stem.

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Once you have the resist mold for the stem, proceed to cover the resist string with paper until everything is completely covered.

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For the leaves you are going to cut the wire to the size you want and place them so that you get the body of the leaf.

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You want to leave the central wire a little longer so that it can be attached to the stem as soon as you finish all the work.

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You will have to cut the tissue paper in the shape of a leaf, attach it with the thread and then place it on the stem so that you simulate the entire lower part of the flower.

Regarding the petals, the design is totally up to you, make them according to the plant you want to illustrate and shape it with your imagination.

Take the tissue paper and cut it into the shape of the flower petal you want, the smaller ones will go in a single bouquet and you have to be careful that the layers are held together with tape. Then you make more petals a little bigger, mold them with the other layer and continue like this until you have the flower of the size you want.

In the center of the flower, you are going to take the paper, cut it into circles, glue two of them in the center and put moss on it with the glue to finish. Ready, you already have your giant flowers made at home.

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