Learn how to Correctly Grow Beautiful Plants in Water

This technique is widely used to make root cuttings or as a decorative form. It is very common to germinate avocado seeds in water. So here we will teach you how to grow plants in water without resorting to complex hydroponic crops or as a simple initiation to them.

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To make these harvests, you only need a bottle, jar or any other transparent glass container and a little water. The truth is that while we use this technique to make the cuttings take root, we can decorate with them and glass jars anywhere in the house.

There are plants that react better than others to this system, rosemary, ficus, geraniums, begonias, coleus and philodendron are some of them. We can also germinate avocado seeds, hazelnuts and tubers such as sweet potatoes. The latter also produce a large vegetation that is very decorative.

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The result is wonderful and maintenance is practically zero, we only have to change the water approximately every 2 months and we can keep the crops like this for several years.

When we put a cutting in water we must be patient because it can take several weeks to start taking root, normally after 2 weeks we will see some white spots on the bottom of the cutting, which is where the roots begin to sprout.

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